🍔🍦Experiencing Paradise with Tropical Dreams Ice Cream at Village Burger! 🌴🏖️

🍔🍦Experiencing Paradise with Tropical Dreams Ice Cream at Village Burger! 🌴🏖️

Hey there, fellow foodies! We're beyond excited to unveil a treat that's not just delicious but also a true celebration of local goodness – our delectable milkshakes featuring the magic of Tropical Dreams ice cream. At Village Burger, we're all about supporting our community, and this time, we're teaming up with one of our favorite local businesses to bring you a sip of pure paradise.

Tropical Dreams: A Symphony of Island Flavors

Before we dive into the mouthwatering details of our milkshakes, let's talk about the heartbeat behind these indulgent creations – Tropical Dreams ice cream. Hailing from the town of Waimea, Tropical Dreams is a local legend in its own right. Their commitment to sourcing top-quality, local ingredients and handcrafting each batch ensures that every scoop is a symphony of island flavors that captures the essence of our beloved paradise. Their commitment to creating high quality ice cream, Italian-style gelato, sorbets, frozen yogurts, and sorbets has been going strong for over 25 years! 

But what’s the difference? What makes their ice cream so special? Luckily, their secret is… not so secret: Simple, quality ingredients combined with careful crafting. Each flavor is handmade with cream containing 18% butterfat and low overrun. This means that less air is mixed in during the freezing process. They are also committed to sourcing their ingredients from our own local farmers whenever possible. The result is a truly gourmet, rich, delicious ice cream that showcases all the flavors of paradise in more than one way.

Milkshakes that Transcend the Ordinary

Now, let's talk about how we're taking this Hawaiian enchantment to a whole new level. Our milkshakes are more than just drinks; they're an experience in every sip. From the classic charm of strawberry to the timeless embrace of vanilla and the decadent allure of chocolate, we've got flavors that'll make your taste buds dance with delight. But here's where the adventure gets exciting – we've curated a selection of add-ins that elevate these shakes to another dimension:

🍓 Strawberry Bliss: Immerse yourself in the lusciousness of strawberry, and if you're feeling daring, a scoop of peanut butter for an enticing twist.

🍦 Velvet Vanilla: Indulge in the simplicity of vanilla, but why stop there? Elevate it with a drizzle of Nutella for an unforgettable experience or add in some malt for that nostalgic touch.

🍫 Decadent Chocolate: Dive into the richness of chocolate, and for a dash of excitement, a shot of espresso for that perfect blend of comfort and energy.

A Double Celebration of Local

When you savor our milkshakes, you're not only treating your taste buds – you're also supporting not one but two local businesses that pour heart and soul into what they do. By choosing our milkshakes, you're not just indulging in a delightful treat; you're joining a movement that celebrates the vibrant flavors of our community.

So, come on over to Village Burger and experience the harmony of locally sourced ingredients, masterful artistry, and the aloha spirit that only a place like Hawaii can offer. Let's sip into paradise together – one shake at a time!

🌺 Your Village Burger Team 🍔🍦

🌺 Ready to try one today? Stop by from 10:30am to 5pm or order ahead at https://order.toasttab.com/online/village-burger-waimea-67-1185-hawai-i-belt-rd 🍔🥤

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